Dear Friends,

After completing the documentation for the donation, a ceremony took place yesterday, May 15 2019, when we the Agro School received the tractor and other farm elements.  Around 300 people attended the meeting held in the island, including Education authorities, islanders, Rotarians from our club and the District, special guests, press coverage on live.  The school prepare a show in celebration also for its 20th anniversary and after that we discovered a plaque in testimony of the donation, including the names of all the clubs and districts contributing to the grant. After that we symbolically started up the tractor resulting in the emotion of all the people. Media coverage has been very successful with high penetration in local and regional public according to first measurement.


We accomplished the main milestone. A training for all the school community is planed for coming week by machinery specialists.  As part of the training plan, we also will receive the visit of specialists in added value to primary production of vegetables, honey, and land productivity improvement.  Since we still have remaining funds, due to discounts obtained from vendors and good administration of peso devaluation, we revisited the scope of elements to be donated up to complete the forecast before year end. 

This is a new opportunity to thanks you all and share the emotion from the beneficiaries of this project.

Please find pictures attached and a video in this link —>

Thanks and best regards,