Thank You Note to Shody Chow, International Projects Committee Chair —-

Very nice to be in contact with you again to communicate the ceremony to deliver to Campana Municipality Hospital  the sonographer, that your Club and the District 5300 helped us to acquire.

They were present the Major of Campana City, Sebastian Abella, the Governor of Rotary District 4895, Vicente Roccasalva, Hospital Authorities, representatives of the business companies that helped to get the required funds, members of Rotary Club Campana, the Club Internal Wheel and many media journalists from Campana and surrounding zone.

Hospital authorities and medical professionals were really happy to receive the modern equipment

Attached are some pictures that were taken during the ceremony.

One more time, we would like to thanks San Marino Rotary Club important collaboration to help in the process of getting the funds for the project and we extent the thanks to your District 5300.

Kind regards.

Walter Waisman



The Argentina Hospital Equipment project provides the Campana Municipal Hospital with an ultrasound machine. This will be a global grant project in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Campana with matching grants from the Rotary Districts and Rotary Foundation. The project meets Rotary’s focus on disease prevention and treatment, as well as maternal and child health.

At present, the Campana Municipal Hospital has an old ultrasound machine with difficulties to obtain spare parts. The hospital serves the population in Campana of about 100,000 habitants as well as those in surrounding cities such as Zarate, Capilla del Senor and Cardales. The additional and new ultrasound machine will reduce wait time, which is currently at well over a month for non-emergency cases. The beneficiaries are mainly patients with low economic means and have no health insurance. About 18,000 patients are catered to each month at this hospital with a monthly average of 1,000 ultrasound studies. The project is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2022.

San Marino Rotary had worked successfully with Campana Rotary in 2018/9 on a global grant project to supply heavy duty farm equipment to the Agriculture Education Secondary School in Campana.