A Thank You Letter to Rotary Club of San Marino from Bianca Cruz

To the Rotary Club of San Marino,

I wanted to thank the club for its continuous effort to support students like myself to achieve their higher education goals. In helping others, the club sets an example to those they help in serving above themselves. Since the beginning of the creation of the Rotaract Club of Cal State LA, San Marino has been a tremendous help and role model for us Rotaractors. Throughout my experience as a Rotarian and Rotaractor, I have seen how anyone can reach out to any Rotarian for help and will be helped.

However, if that person happens to ask for help from a San Marino Rotarian, the club will go above and beyond to help that person. I know that whenever I have faced a challenge at Cal State, LA members like Bill Payne, Denise Wadsworth, Issac Hung, Gilda Moshir, and Fang Fang Ho have been the first to offer their wisdom and help.

I especially want to thank San Marino Rotarian Lemaud James Nash for his outstanding help, support, and advice. I had always wanted to be a Rotarian, but after seeing how truly inspiring and helpful Mr. Nash and the Rotary Club of San Marino are, I knew I had to become a Rotarian immediately.

If it were not for the club, I would not have achieved many things, including becoming an intern in Washington D.C. for the Panetta Institute for Public Policy.

The Rotary Club of San Marino is truly the club that makes a difference.

Kindest Rotary/Rotaract Regards,

Bianica Cruz