I hope all is well!

I just wanted to send you a quick update!

My parents visited for about 10 days and we had the best time (I believe I mentioned in a previous email). Now just wrapping up the second term, submitting a big paper this week and then off on Spring Break! I’ll be in London with some friends and then Portugal, girlfriends of mine flying over from SF to visit and travel. Excited to search for some sunshine 🙂

As for my thesis I have finallllyyyyyy found a great project. Unfortunately my department has not given us allowed time for primary research during this course. Therefore I won’t be able to travel to Africa as I had previously desired. As I can’t go to Africa to collect research, there are not many researchers from the third world that have data already collected to send to me. Thus I have opted for a US-based project albeit surrounding healthcare for marginalized citizens. I will be working with a research group in North Carolina (corresponding via Skype) to investigate how head and neck cancer outcomes differ by socioeconomic status and race. They have the largest cohort of African American patient data in this field. In addition to HIV, I am very interested in cancer and how cancer outcomes vary by income, education and access to care.

I have another Rotary meeting coming up in May and am still absolutely loving Cambridge. I could not be more grateful to be here, working hard but enjoying every minute.
My love to your family and the Rotary family! I’ll get a blog post up hopefully some time over spring break 🙂

Gaelen Britton Stanford-Moore
Cambridge University | 2016- 2017
MPhil Epidemiology- Department of Public Health
University of California, San Francisco | 2013-2018
M.D. Candidate