The end of May Term:

Cambridge has three terms – named Michaelmas in autumn, Lent in Spring and May term in the summer. Most of my friends have now wrapped up their terms, as we have all finished final exams (WOOO!!!). However, I still have a thesis to write, due July 31. As classes are over and my thesis is under way, I’ve also enjoyed the flexibility with a few new adventures.

In May I was home in Los Angeles for my sister’s graduation from her Master’s in Documentary Film Making at USC (yay Marika!). While home I was lucky enough to visit my host Rotary Club in San Marino. We had a great lunch, made better by an inspiring lecture by USC breast surgeon Dr. Lang. Turned out she went to UCSF for surgery residency – great connection!

Upon returning to the UK I visited Haverhill Rotary Club in Cambridgeshire. We had a lovely roast dinner and a gorgeous sunset as the end of May welcomed 10:30pm sunsets – a special treat after so much rain!

June has been filled with adventure and studies. I tried my hand at Cricket by joining St John’s College’s cricket team. As an avid baseball and softball player growing up, I figured it would be easy to translate the skills. Turns out it’s very important to know the rules.. and wear white. I was the only girl and turned up in all black work out clothes. A hilarious start to a fun afternoon, although I don’t know that I’ll be going back. The matches take houuurssss ?!!!? and the rules are complex.

During the final week of term there is a massive boat race on the river Cam, called May Bumps. Boats from every college line up along the river in the order they finished the race the year before. They each start 100-ish metres apart and in an exciting dash have to chase each other hoping to physically bump the boat ahead, with their own boat or an oar. Any touch and both boats pull to the side. The races last 4 days, and boats that have bumped switch places for the following day. As I’ve now quit rowing to focus on studies, it was great fun to be a spectator. The St John’s Men’s first boat came out victorious and were deemed “Head of the River” which is a huge honor. Watching from the banks is a highlight of my year. It was filled with sunshine, jazz bands playing up and down the river in support and seeing my friends row by while trying the quintessential British summer drink, Pimms – a mix of liqueur with Prosecco, fresh strawberries and sliced cucumber.

After final exams the highlight of the year is May Week. Although May is a misnomer, the week takes place in June following exams for May term. Each college at Cambridge throws an elaborate black tie ball over the course of the week to celebrate the end of the year. The campus is ripe with excitement and the weather was superb. It was an amazing celebration of friendship as I will miss the amazing friends I have made this year at Cambridge. See photo below from the ball. The highlights from our ball were bumper cars out by the river, courts filled with every imaginable food, live music from 9pm to 6am, cocktails made with dry ice and champagne fountains. A magic night indeed.

Back to work on my thesis! Exactly 4 more weeks in Cambridge. Don’t want it to end! xx