Upload Photos/Videos
for the
Club Website, Facebook Page and Rotoscope

Send photos from your smart phone or computer to:


To upload photos/videos, just ‘drag and drop’ files onto the FileDrop box below OR click on ‘Select Files’ to open folders on your computer to choose photos.

Once you ‘drag and drop’ a file or Select Files, you will see ‘File selected. Ready to upload’. Click on the link ‘Start Uploading Files’. Next, add a description for the files you are uploading (ie, Rotary on the Town) or leave blank. Finished!

Questions about uploading or about photos or videos on the website contact Len Therrien, 626.975.8357 (call/text), LenTherrien@Gmail.com

After uploading the files, please use the form to the right to let Len know what you uploaded.